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LifeEditor is a personal decision making aid designed to help you make good life choices. It draws on a diverse range of wisdom traditions – from Buddhist, to Native American Medicine and Astrology – to help you broaden your perspective and hopefully make a choice that is right for you. The decision-support models are delivered by download as MS Excel files. You answer a set of questions and get an automated feedback report. There is no third party involved and no advice is given. Your decision is up to you. The downloads are unpriced – if you find the LifeEditor process beneficial, come back and pay what you think it’s worth.

With warm wishes for a happy life,
Mark McDonnell, Creator of the LifeEditor


Native American Medicine Wheel

From an ancient, natural tradition, in which people saw themselves as part of nature, the Medicine Wheel is like a compass to use for both navigating and healing. It will provide you with some unusual and thought-provoking perspectives. Read more…

astrological houses

Astrological Houses

Not a horoscope, but a comprehensive model of the human experience from birth, through all the stages of development, to integration with the world at large. This approach combines astrology with psychology in a subtle and insightful way. Read more…


Buddhist Wheel of Life

The Buddhist Wheel of Life has got to be one of the most famous and enduring models of the human condition ever created, and one of the most profound and stimulating aids to managing your life. Every choice we make creates karma – make sure yours is positive. Read more…


Advice from Atisha’s Heart

This is heart-felt advice from a great Buddhist teacher to his students. Whether you are a Buddhist or not, you will find in it a form of universal wisdom which can help guide us to make good life choices which benefit ourselves and others. Read more…


Western Wheel of Life

A modern, Western secular review of all the main aspects of a person’s life: things like occupation, friends, family, finances and so on. The model is divided into Current Situation and Future Situation enabling you to do a ‘before and after’ comparison. Read more…


Saint Ignatius of Loyola

Inspired by a sixteenth Century Spanish nobleman with curiously modern ideas, this model will help you test if your choice feels right, for the right – or wrong – reasons, and whether it is free from all forms of negativity. Read more…

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Getting Started

  1. Take a look at How to use for basic instructions. The Guidance and Stories provide more background.
  2. Pick a model, eg Native American Medicine Wheel. Choose any model which you feel drawn to; you can always run your decision through another model later.
  3. Download the excel file and go through the Questions. When you have finished, go to the Feedback tab in the file for your personal feedback report.
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How to Use

Personal decision making toolkit to help you make life choices which are right for you

Just as the editor of a newspaper or film decides what to put in and what to leave out, so the LifeEditor puts you more

in control of your own life story, helping you become the editor of your own life

How to Use