It all started one misty morning. I looked out at the grey sea merging into the grey sky and thought: this is heaven. People think they die and go to heaven. But we’re in it now. Or could be, if we only made the right choices.

I had a vision of a place where you could go for a retreat. It was a cross between a hotel and a video editing suite. An angel hosted the session. She showed you sequences of your life on a video screen. You could see how the choices you made had certain consequences. But if you weren’t happy with the outcome, you could edit the story and get a better one.

That is the dreamy way the Life Editor was born. A way of editing your life story.

Over the next 18 months I worked to create something that would help people make better choices in life. The first model I worked on was the Native American Medicine Wheel. The trialists all said the ideas were a bit strange and I thought , “Great, I’m onto something.”

I was excited that I was creating something which would take people out of the familiar, the well-trodden path, the conventional way of viewing their lives. By offering an unfamiliar, slightly disorientating environment, I could help them to see their lives, their choices and possibilities from new angles.

Researching the models was a huge task but a really rewarding one. Not every idea worked. But the ones which did were really interesting and taught me a lot. I had a strong feeling that I was creating something of value.

And because it was my own work, no one could tell me “that’s not right”. I was my own boss, and it was really liberating.

As time went on, and I put more and more months of effort into it, I began to wonder how much people would pay for it. If I marketed it well, I could make a bit of money here…

But that didn’t sit right. Obstacles arose. The scale of the investment necessary to make it a reality became daunting.

So one sunlit afternoon on a boat coming back from Capri, I had an epiphany. “Give it away.” Don’t charge anything. Make it a gift to whoever needs it. If they want to give something in return, that’s fine, but they don’t have to.

Then things started flowing again. And now, three months later, it’s just about ready to go live.

The Life Editor will be gifted to the world in the next few days at

Go have a look and let me know what you think.