Life Editor helps people make choices which are right for them.

The decisions we make determine how our lives play out. We all want to make the right choices so we have a happy life.

I’m not talking about what to have for dinner – I’m talking about big things: should I move to Australia, shall I marry my boyfriend, should I quit my job and start my own business?

Things that you are going to need to think about carefully, from all the angles, to make sure the decision is right for your before you embark on it.

What LifeEditor does (or will do, because I’m still developing it at the moment) is help you look at possible choices from different angles, unusual angles, to help you get a more rounded view and make sure you really understand it, and can be sure it is the right thing to do.

LifeEditor will be a website containing a range of personal decision-making tools. These tools will provide information and ask you a series of multiple-choice questions about the decision you are thinking of making.

The tools are all based on different world traditions – by which I mean different cultures, philosophies of ways of looking at life. They help you think about your options in ways you might not normally consider.

For example, the first decision-making model I am developing is based on the Native American Medicine Wheel. Now that is not something most people would usually draw on to help them make an important decision.

But that’s just the point. It gives you the kind of insight and depth of understanding to tell exactly how right this choice would be for you, in a kind of way that you wouldn’t normally get.

But there is no-one behind it telling you what is going to happen – no mystic or seer predicting your future – you are answering your own questions. You are totally in control. It is you who decides how to answer the questions which the Life Editor asks you about your options, and you alone who decide if, and how, right that choice is for you.

That’s why I call it the Life Editor, because – like the editor of a film – you are deciding what to cut out and what to leave in; you alone are your own story-teller, the Editor of your own Life.

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