The creator of the LifeEditor, Mark McDonnell, gives his views on being the editor of your own life story, decision making and how to make good choices in life. Please leave a comment.

How to not get angry

Suppose some guy is having a go at you. Any minute now you know you are going to start getting angry. This is the moment you need awareness.

You need to train in awareness in advance so you can call upon it in this crucial moment. To train in awareness you meditate on the activity going on in your own mind. You simply sit and notice what is arising.

Think of your mind as the sky and the thoughts and feelings as passing clouds. You don’t engage with the thoughts, don’t follow the feelings. You simply see them arise and then […]

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Do you want to be free?

Hell is a state of mind.

It may be a real place as well. People in war zones would say so. I don’t know. And I sure as hell don’t want to find out.

I don’t think I have ever been to hell. But, as a human being, I have definitely been to other realms. And I can vouch for the fact that they are real – real states of mind, that is.

Do you know any hungry ghosts? Have you ever been one? I have.

Hungry ghosts roam around searching in vain for food and drink to satisfy their endless hunger. And […]

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How to be happy

How to be happy? Easy. Do the right thing. How to tell what the right thing to do is? Now, that’s a bit harder.

Doing the right thing makes you happy. That’s the definition of happiness – it’s the result of having done the right thing.

And I don’t just mean a fleeting, superficial kind of happiness. But proper happiness – fulfilment, contentment, peace and joy.

Doing the wrong thing makes you feel unhappy – tight, disturbed and regretful.

Sometimes it might feel as if doing the wrong thing can make you happy, like saying something cutting to get your own back on […]

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Atisha’s Advice for making good decisions

I can’t decide if it’s because I’m a Libran, but I’m not very good at making decisions!

But I am interested in Buddhism and got to wondering how a Buddhist Master would make good decisions. The trouble is, Buddhism is a vast and complicated subject and it’s hard to find a concise summary. But I came across “Advice from Atisha’s Heart” in a book by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso called ‘How to Solve our Human Problems’. A very promising title…

So I read Atisha’s  Advice. It is incredibly concise and concentrated. It’s also quite moving and inspiring. It is a holy man’s […]

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Native American Medicine Wheel wisdom tool for planning life choices

The Native American Medicine Wheel

The Native American Medicine Wheel comes from a deep, natural and ancient wisdom, which would be well worth finding out more about if you are interested. But you don’t have to ‘believe’ in it for it to help you make good choices in your life.

The Medicine Wheel is like a map of life. It is used as a path to understanding, a focus for ceremonies and a basis for healing. It encompasses everything – from the mystical void from which all existence sprang, all the physical elements, the inter-connectedness of all things, and respect for […]

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One misty morning

It all started one misty morning. I looked out at the grey sea merging into the grey sky and thought: this is heaven. People think they die and go to heaven. But we’re in it now. Or could be, if we only made the right choices.

I had a vision of a place where you could go for a retreat. It was a cross between a hotel and a video editing suite. An angel hosted the session. She showed you sequences of your life on a video screen. You could see how the choices you made had certain consequences. But […]

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Be the Editor of your own Life

Life Editor helps people make choices which are right for them.

The decisions we make determine how our lives play out. We all want to make the right choices so we have a happy life.

I’m not talking about what to have for dinner – I’m talking about big things: should I move to Australia, shall I marry my boyfriend, should I quit my job and start my own business?

Things that you are going to need to think about carefully, from all the angles, to make sure the decision is right for your before you embark on it.

What LifeEditor does (or […]

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