To adapt an option into a safer choice to take, try emphasising its existing strengths or adding new positive features.

For example, if your question “should I move to London?” only came out at 53% because you were not sure you could afford to live in an expensive city, you could try adapting it by adding a proviso like “provided I can get a job that pays at least £30k”.

To make it even safer, add “and rent a flat at no more the £600 per month.” If you can satisfy these conditions, then the choice would be good for you; but if you can’t, it wouldn’t. This makes the choice clearer.


Conversely, to make certain that a borderline option really should be rejected, try adapting it by emphasising its negative aspects, or adding new negative aspects.

Continuing with the same example, “should I move to London if I can only get a job that pays £20k?” might come out at only 45%, and adding a further proviso such as “and if I can only find somewhere to live that costs £800k per month” would certainly swing it clearly into ‘reject’ territory.