You can still benefit from using LifeEditor even if you don’t have a specific decision to make or any particular future course of action in mind. You can use it to tap into the wisdom condensed into these models to make an assessment of your current situation in life.

The models will help you review your life as it is at the moment from new, thought-provoking perspectives. Looking at your present life from new angles can help you highlight which areas you are happy with how things are at the moment.

This helps you appreciate, protect and nurture those aspects of your life which are going well. It is very good practice to consciously recognise, appreciate and be grateful for all the good fortune your currently enjoy. It does wonders for your sense of self-esteem.

A current situation assessment may also highlight other areas you are less-satisfied with. The review will trigger ideas about how you might improve your life and well-being. This particularly applies to aspects of life which you are not very aware of at the moment.

A LifeEditor review of your current situation can enable you to recognise and acknowledge areas where you have come to tolerate dissatisfaction or shortcomings, thinking “that’s just the way things are”. It may help you to see the parts of your life you have come to think of as unchangeable, things you are simply going to have to put up with for the rest of your life – might actually be capable of being changed and improved.

It may throw up areas where you were unaware of deficiencies or even in denial about problems. In short, it will shine a light on what’s hidden in your blind spots.


A current situation assessment can be partly about finding out what is wrong; but it’s not about looking for problems where they don’t exist.

The unusual perspectives which the LifeEditor models offer will help you look at your current situation in new ways. They will probably introduce you to ideas, ways of looking at life, which you have not encountered before.

You will probably find yourself thinking “Well, I’d not looked at it that way before, but, yes, there’s something here worth looking into.”

This king of review is also very much about finding out what else you can do to make your life even better. It’s about opening up your mind to new possibilities for improving your life, making you happier and finding new ways to contribute to making a better world.

The world wisdom traditions on which the various LifeEditor models are based will very likely kindle your interest in exploring an aspect of life of which you were previously unaware, but you now think could be worth pursuing.

It will whet your appetite for exploring new things and making your life richer and more fulfilling.

How to do it: wherever the LifeEditor model asks you to ‘think about the choice you are considering making’ and answer a question, simply think about your current situation instead, and answer the question based on where you are now.