The way LifeEditor works is to evaluate one option at a time. You can’t use it to look at two alternatives at the same time, like “should I move to France or Germany?” because LifeEditor tells you how right for you a particular option is. If you have two options you are considering, you will need to evaluate them one after another, ie: “should I move to France?” and then “should I move to Germany?” (But remember, hidden in both of these is the question “shall I move away from here?”).

The way you need to frame your question is something like “should I do x?”, or “would it be right for me to do x?” or “how right for me would it be to do x?”

You need to be fairly specific in the way you word your question. For example, “should I get a new job?” is a bit too vague. It doesn’t mention what the new job is, so it’s not going to be possible for you to tell if it would be right for you. If you said “should I retrain as a hairdresser ?” that’s specific-enough for you to be able to think about what it would be like being a hairdresser and if it would be right for you.

If you want to consider several different options, you need to express them in the same amount of detail. So if you wanted to compare retraining as a hairdresser to retraining as a beauty therapist, keep them both at that level, not “should I retrain as a hairdresser” versus “should I retrain as a beauty therapist specialising in organic, hypoallergenic treatments which I also distribute to spas in South West England?”!


Think around your option a bit before you start. In Bridie’s story , her question was “shall I go to university?” and she gave that option a fairly low score. In the back of her mind was the thought that she ought to go to university but really wants to go travelling. So she could have asked about the alternative question “shall I go travelling for a year?” which would get a very different answer. Going half way and asking “shall I apply for a place at uni but defer for a year?” might not be as clear as putting the two together and asking: “shall I apply for a place at uni, defer for a year and go travelling?” which would be directly comparable with “shall I apply for a place at uni, defer for a year, and get a job save up for uni?”

The point is not to get bogged down in deciding what your question is before you start. Just make a start with the question you first thought of. The process of doing the LifeEditor itself will help you frame and re-frame your questions. The way LifeEditor makes you think about your options will automatically help you to refine what you really mean. You can always complete it for the question you first thought of, and then do it again on a refined version.