The LifeEditor deliberately uses very unusual concepts to help you think about your impending choice from different angles. These are often not how we would normally approach the decision-making process, but that is exactly the point. By thinking about your decision in a different kind of way, it helps cut through habitual or received thought-processes and tap straight into to the real you.

For example if you always approach decisions in your life from the same angle, perhaps one which you adopted from your parents, like ‘is this sensible?’ or ‘will it make me financially secure?’ you will always tend to end up with the same sort of answer, going down the route you normally take.

Now there is nothing at all wrong with doing the sensible thing or going for the option which offers most financial security – or indeed doing what your parents would have done. But where LifeEditor is trying to help you is by opening up your mind to a wider set of considerations to help you think about your life choice in a broader, more rounded way. And it is precisely the unfamiliar nature of the questions it asks you which forces you to dig deep into your true self to find the answer.


The concepts which LifeEditor uses, such as the Native American Medicine Wheel or the Buddhist Wheel of Life, may not be familiar to you. Some of the ideas they contain may seem a little odd and you may find it hard to answer the questions at first. They might even strike you as whacky, like ‘if this choice was water, what temperature would it be?’

But go along with it, put aside your preconceptions and enter into the spirit. I guarantee that it will give you a fresh perspective on the choice which you are considering making. And you will know how right it is for you.