This decision-support model of LifeEditor is based on the Astrological Houses. The houses form a map of life against which you can assess the choice you are thinking of making.

It is important to point out straight away that LifeEditor will not give an astrological reading, either for you, or the choice you are considering making. It is not an automated horoscope. Indeed this treatment is only really concerned with the houses and largely ignores the significance of the signs and planets; and it is not personalised, either in terms of the time and place of your birth, or where and when your choice is carried out. While LifeEditor uses the astrological houses as inspiration, it does not attempt to be an astrologer.

Like the other models in LifeEditor, the Astrological Houses model simply provides you with a frame of reference so that you can make your own assessment of how right for you the choice you are thinking of making might be. Having said that, using the Astrological Houses as a reference point for your own assessment is very valuable because they are such a thorough and comprehensive model of the human experience.

What’s more the approach LifeEditor has adopted combines astrology with psychology to provide a deep and rich guide to how all the various areas of life are affected by the houses. The cycle of houses echoes the cycle through birth, childhood, becoming a social adult, work and integration with the world at large. It is inspired by the writings of Howard Sasportas, whose subtle and insightful book The Twelve Houses is well worth reading if you are interested in this subject.