This decision-support model is based on the so-called Wheel of Life, but unlike the other ‘wheels’ in LifeEditor, this one is not based on any particular world wisdom tradition. It is simply a modern, Western secular review of all the main aspects of a person’s life: things like occupation, friends, family, finances and so on.

The model is divided into two sections – your Current situation as it is now before you take any choices you may be thinking about taking, and the Future situation you would find yourself in if you take that choice. It is like a ‘before and after’ comparison helping you tell whether the choice you are thinking of making would improve or worsen different aspects of your life, as well as what its overall effect would be. So we will be looking at 10 main areas of life, first as they are in your current situation, and then a second time as you think they might be in your future situation and comparing the two.

Remember that LifeEditor is very person-centred and subjective in its approach. This means it’s much more about what you think or feel, than what other people, or ‘society’, might think.

So for example when you look at questions about occupation or money, remember it’s not automatically the case that getting a better job and earning a higher income would be the best thing for you to do. It may well be, for example, that getting a better job and earning more money might bring with it stresses and strains on your health or relationships and so it might not be the right thing for you to do.

LifeEditor will help you understand whether you think this choice you are thinking of making is right for you.