You use the LifeEditor tools and guidance to help you make important life choices. They help you decide how right for you a particular course of action would be.

You need to look at one option at a time. If you want to compare alternatives, look at one option, then the other, and compare them.

You have to come up with a proposed course of action in the form of a question like “should I do xyz?”.

You choose a decision-support model and download it. These are Microsoft Excel files. They contain numerous questions which you ask yourself about your proposed course of action.

This is a private process. No-one else is involved. No advice is given. Your decision is up to you.


You will find all the LifeEditor models very thought-provoking and interesting. The will give you a broader, more balance perspective on the choice you are thinking of making. They will get you to think about it in ways you have not thought about it before.

At the end of the process, the LifeEditor model automatically produces a personalised report giving you feedback on how you rated the option. It includes scores, percentages, graphs and a personalised text which plays back to you how you answered the questions.

The LifeEditor will tell you exactly what you told it – the extent to which your proposed course of action would be the right thing for you to do.

What’s it for?