Each model starts with a short explanation of the tradition which it comes from. It then asks you for some basic information about yourself, your name and email address etc. Then you pose the question you have brought to the LifeEditor, ie the Option you are considering taking.

The models are all divided into several sections. For example, the Native American Medicine Wheel is divided into 8 sections. Each section starts with a short introduction and then asks you 6 multiple-choice questions about your Option. So that’s 8 sets of 6 questions: 48 questions in total.

You answer the questions on a scale of 1-5, where 1 is strongly negative, and 5 is strongly positive. Use the whole scale and try to avoid being non-committal by choosing 3 all the time. Also beware of automatically repeating your last answer without truly thinking about it.


If you are really not sure, or don’t understand the question, put 3 for now, which is the neutral position, and come back to it later. And sometimes 3 is just the right answer!

The whole process should take about half an hour to an hour, but might be longer if you haven’t framed your question clearly yet, or shorter if you have used the model before. You can save your file on your computer and complete it later.

Try to set aside enough time somewhere quiet and comfortable where you will not be disturbed. This is an important choice for you and you need to invest some time in yourself to get it right.

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