LifeEditor draws upon lots of different world traditions and frames of reference to help you get a new perspective on your options.

I call these ‘models’, but they are really just frameworks for examining your potential choices.

Some of them are fairly mainstream and conventional, like the Western Wheel of Life model, which approaches things in a familiar way (to those of us in the West). Others are more esoteric and alternative, and may strike you as a bit odd if you have not encountered them before. Or you may already be acquainted with, say, Buddhist Wheel of Life and be eager to look at your impending decision through that particular lens.

But, unless you’ve used LifeEditor a hundred times before, I guarantee there will be something in one of them which helps you look at your potential choice in a new and illuminating way. Have a look at the Models page for a description of each one.


So choose whichever model takes your fancy. But when you’ve finished, try putting the same question through one or two of the other models, including one which you are not immediately drawn towards.

Why? Because LifeEditor works by broadening your perspective so you can better tell if the choice you are considering would make you happy. It’s important to know if this choice would be right for you, so examine it thoroughly from all the angles so you can be confident it would be the right thing for you to do.

Each model comes in the form of an Excel file. You download the one you want and save it on your own computer. You open it in Microsoft Excel on your own computer.

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