When you have completed all the questions about your potential option in whatever model you were using, go to the Feedback tab in the Excel file to read your personalised feedback report.

This report is specific to the model you used and the question you posed. It acts like a mirror reflecting your feelings about the option you were examining.

The report tells you how you rated the option overall and comments on the significance of that level of rating. For example, what are the implications of pursuing an option which you only rated as 55% right for you?

LifeEditor calculates your average score for each section of the model, giving you feedback on what it means to have scored that much in that particular aspect of the model. It also shows this visually in the form of a few charts.


The report then plays back to you how you answered each individual question. Be sure to save your file, and you can print it out if you wish. It runs to about 3-5 pages.

The feedback report is the conclusion of a process, but the value comes as much from doing it as in reading the final report. After all, the LifeEditor personal feedback report can only tell you what you told it.

Making Comparisons