If your situation presents you with several different options you will need to run them each through the LifeEditor one at a time to compare them and see which would be best for you. It’s a good idea to use the same model each time for this, and to make each option equally specific so you can make a direct comparison between them.

But it is also worth while looking at a couple of your most-promising options through several different models to get a more complete understanding of them.

Here are some other ways you can use LifeEditor to make decisions which are right for you:

  • put several different options through the same model and compare them
  • put the same question through several different models and compare them
  • come back in a couple of months’ time and put the same question through the same model to see how your feelings have changed over time
  • refine your question, making it clearer and more specific
  • ask a friend or relative to fill in the LifeEditor for you, about your question, and see what they come up with; compare your mother’s view to your best friend’s or your own.
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