Usage policy
The LifeEditor tools should not be used to decide to take any unethical, immoral or illegal action. Neither should the stories or comments posted about them be critical or unkind in any way.
The purpose of LifeEditor is to help people make life choices which are right for them, and this is the spirit in which it should be used.

LifeEditor is for entertainment purposes only. It is not an advisory service. Decisions made using these tools are entirely a matter for the user themselves. Mark McDonnell, LifeEdtor or any of its representatives or agents do not accept any responsibility or liability for damages resulting from decisions made using the LifeEditor tools.
The decision making guidance section is intended to be limited to general commentary on the process of making decisions in general, not to the merits or otherwise of any particular course of action.

Privacy policy
Name and email data is captured when you download files or make contact with LifeEditor. This information is taken solely for the purpose of facilitating communications between you and LifeEditor. These purposes include correspondence regarding queries or complaints, reconciliation of downloads and payments, submission of stories or comments on blogs, and messages and information about improvements to the LifeEditor site, such as the addition of new decision support models in future. By submitting the name and email information requested, the user is agreeing to their data being held and used for these purposes. LifeEditor will not pass this information to anyone else for any reason.