Pay what it’s worth to you

The LifeEditor decision support models are unpriced. They are free to download and use.

You won’t know how much they are worth to you until you have used them.

If you find them beneficial, come back and make a payment of what you think they are worth.

The money you give will only go towards the development and maintenance of this website.

So by making a payment you will be enabling other people to benefit as you have.

Here are some suggestions:

  • If you found it a light-hearted, throw-away piece of entertainment, pay as much as you would for a magazine and a cup of coffee – £6
  • If you used one model and found it quite interesting and absorbing for a while, pay as much as you would for a good book – £15
  • If you got into it, used several models, and really found the process helpful, pay as much as you would for a workbook or a half-day course – £25
  • If you find the process seriously helpful in making major choices, and use it repeatedly for yourself or members of your family or friends, pay as much as you would for a one-hour counselling session – £50


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