The contact mistake

The lens in our eye turns the image of the world upside down. It delivers an inverted image of the world onto our retina, with the floor up there and the ceiling down below. Our mind immediately interprets this image and says, “No, I say the floor is down there and the ceiling is up above”. See how our mind creates a false impression of reality?

When we receive an image of the world in our brain, we don’t immediately say “oh, there is a mistaken image of the world appearing in my mind”. For some strange reason our first […]

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Telling your story

Sharing makes you feel good and it helps other people who learn from your experience. If you made a choice that turned out well, let us know about it – especially how you made the choice to do what you did rather than something else.

But you don’t have to know all the answers. If you made a choice that didn’t turn out well, some good can still come from it if you learn the lesson. Even more good can come of it if you are brave enough, and kind enough, to tell other people about it so they can […]

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Taryn’s story

Taryn was an event organiser who worked for an agency. She had been doing very well at her work and the clients were happy. But she wasn’t getting on very well with her boss who wanted her to invest in his business and become his partner.

Taryn didn’t see the point in doing this and was instead considering leaving his agency and going freelance. The trouble was that the company’s main client had a contract with this agency and if Taryn left, she could not be sure of getting enough work as a freelancer.

The question she brought to the Life […]

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Bridie’s story

Bridie is in the sixth form and she is deciding whether or not to go to university. It is clearly a big decision with strong external factors bearing upon it, like the debt she will accumulate and whether going will really help her get a better job.

There is plenty of (sometimes conflicting) advice available from her parents and the career advisor at school. Neither of her brothers went to uni, but many of her friends will be going. She is interested in English literature and drama and is predicted to get good-enough grades to go, but she’s not at […]

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