tarynTaryn was an event organiser who worked for an agency. She had been doing very well at her work and the clients were happy. But she wasn’t getting on very well with her boss who wanted her to invest in his business and become his partner.

Taryn didn’t see the point in doing this and was instead considering leaving his agency and going freelance. The trouble was that the company’s main client had a contract with this agency and if Taryn left, she could not be sure of getting enough work as a freelancer.

The question she brought to the Life Editor was “Shall I go freelance?” She filled in the questions in the Medicine Wheel model and when she’d finished she stood up and shouted, “Yes! It’s 78% positive.” Now that seems like a pretty clear-cut decision, so I asked Taryn if running it past the Life Editor had helped at all.

“It backed up what I knew in my subconscious but was unsure of,” she said. “It made me feel more confident in my decision. It was always going to be that decision, but you worry about it. I think the Life Editor helped me take control of my life.”

She went on to explain how this experience would affect her approach to making big decisions in future: “Using the Life Editor confirmed what I felt deep down and helped me to feel more confident about trusting my instinct.

“It helped me feel stronger about taking control. I think in future I will do less prevarication and be more positive. When tough decisions need to be made I’ll act more decisively. I won’t worry about it so much, I’ll trust my instinct.”
I’m so gratified by Taryn’s story because using the Life Editor gave her a sense of lasting empowerment. She already knew deep down that she would go freelance, but was missing the confidence to take the leap. Using the Life Editor helped her test and validate her instinct and confirm what she felt was right for her.

That’s great in itself, but more than that, it encouraged her to trust her instinct more in future, to worry less and to take control of her life.